The business idea

Members and employees come from many years in the field of industrial spare parts for fast, both technically and on that of their marketing. The idea was to complement the activity of marketing and distribution, the production of certain product families in the area for TRUCK PARTS.

In 2007 buys FIVEBT, specialized in hot forging and machining of wheel studs and perneria generally, thereby increasing the ability to produce parts at the specific request of the customer.

The company's history

Born in 1993 in collaboration with other production companies. Engaging energy and capital, investing in machinery, equipment and qualified personnel the company has managed to increase the range of items produced, improve quality standards, expand its distribution network, thus satisfying customers increasingly numerous.

in car

In 1999 he transferred the seat in Druento (TO) in a large room rapidly increasing the range of products. Our products are for the after-market, so they are not original, but are cone constructed of the same materials, the same treatments and processes so that they are perfectly interchangeable. Original part or other houses are mentioned for reference purposes only.